Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Re-inventing the city

post no bills 1

I like the changing urban landscape. This is a re-imaged shopfront – you can see what was left of the cornershop here. The kids used to call it Sweaty Betty’s - a nickname for the last occupant. The city continues to re-invent itself like the music that keeps on pouring out. You can hear snatches of Richard Hawley’s “Cole’s Corner” here. The video doesn’t seem to show the real Cole’s Corner at all (that’s one thing I’m confused about). Anyway, I’ve given the local boy a good listening to and I think it’s very saccharine-sounding – a sort of new wave C and W crooner. After that, the punky sound of The Long Blondes (also local) comes as a breath of fresh air. Enough of that, time to start worrying about how to film the Sharrow Lantern Festival…coming soon!


Joolz said...

I bought the Richard Hawley too and only liked one track. He also gave a very pretentious interview on The Culture Show saying that Cole's corner had no signpost that oit was just in the hearts and minds of the people of Sheffield. But in fact there is a plaque at Coles corner - on Fargate, at the bank, kind of opposite the cathedral. I have a photo of it somewhere.
I liked Hawley when I saw him on Jools Holland just before Xmas I think. But have gone off him already!

Joolz said...

Just followed the long blondes link. Now THEY are really cool. I like them!!