Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Happy New Year!

Facebook seems to be sweeping the board in the popularity-stakes on both sides of Atlantic. On Fade to Play, Phillip Jeffrey advertises his UBC seminar (today) in the following way: “Facebook is a social utility originally launched in 2004 by Harvard University undergraduates exclusively for students. Facebook has over 35 million active users ( 3.3 million in Canada) and 68% log-in daily. It has become a primary tool among students for communication, information sharing, and for organising events among their real-world friends. The phrase “I’ll facebook you” is a regular part of student vernacular.” People of all ages seem to be getting active on Facebook, but my sense is that the late teens to late twenties are the most active users in the UK. Oh…and I nearly forgot it’s New Year’s Day in Ethiopia!

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