Monday, September 03, 2007

Looking down on people

Canary Wharf
I really cannot go with the idea that video games are responsible for some sort of moral corruption of the young. It’s that Toxic Childhood moral panic all over again. So when the boy Cameron says that “companies which make music videos, films and computer games have a responsibility not to promote violence” I have to yawn and turn my attention to something else. OK then, let’s apply the same rules to writing, theatre and for that matter all art forms and see what a dull world we’d inhabit. I know I perhaps ought to be open-minded but to hear that “today's document sets out our view on popular culture” smacks of an attempt to bundle a number of prejudices about a vibrant set of social practices into a single group and condemn them outright


DrJoolz said...

He is a serious slimeball. And I chose my words carefully there.

Guy Merchant said...

Slimeball,yes - but you can't take him serious-ly