Friday, September 07, 2007

Writing otherwise

more toilet humour
Here's Paul Auster with characteristic precision and sparse prose describing one sort of writing: "I am sitting at the table, listening to the pen as it scratches along the surface of the paper. I stop. I dip the pen in the inkwell, then watch the black shapes form as I move my hand slowly from left to right. I come to the edge and then return to the other side, and as the shapes thin out, I stop once more and dip the pen into the inkwell. So it goes as I work my way down the page, and each cluster of marks is a word, and each word is a sound in my head, and each time I write another word, I hear the sound of my own voice, even though my lips are silent." (Travels in the Scriptorium, 2006: 33). Well, that captures a particular kind of writing and particular kind of pleasure, neither of which are likely to be at work for the writer of the sign in the picture! For more humorous signs there's a gallery here, or if you feel like something ridiculous try - maybe this link for instance.

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