Monday, March 14, 2005

The intelligent pen 

Just when you thought you were saying your last farewells to inkstained fingers, Logitech launch their campaign to bring back the pen. Of course this is a pen with a difference, an intelligent pen that remembers stuff and does all sorts of strange things on smart paper. There's a pretty straight forward report here and this on a company that'€™s using e-pens for logging service jobs in the field (?). I think I prefer a keypad - you see I'm a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to digital writing and new technology.

Want one.
Can't have one. Do you think we are made of money? You wouldn't find Jackie spending her allowance like water.
I'm sure Jackie would get one right off (if she wanted one) - she might have to face the music afterwards, though! I think that if Joolz wants one she should have one, why not?
Wow! Gorgeous! But I can't get one right away. The procedure is that Dr Joolz buys one and then I copy her, as I have dutifully copied just about everything else that digital trend-setter buys! Jackie
Now you know that's not true. You always start it.
See, Guy. Regarde tous que tu as fais.
Well I'm working something up based on an old biro shell. It won't be quite as flash as the Logitech thing but let's not fetishize fancy goods!
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