Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Long Blog
Today, I finished my chapter on digital writing for Jackie and Elaine’s new book. The central claims are not new - texts are changing. In it I put that the following trends are clear:

These texts are inter-related to changing contexts in which:

And, of course, there’s more…but I’ve moved on now to thinking more about digital writing and scholarship. I like what I’ve read about the Knowledge Media Institute at the Open University. There’s Simon Shum’s work on hyperdiscourse and also, I note with interest, some work on blogging and distributed knowledge. Meanwhile I love this mapping stuff you can do with Flickr – thanks to Trois Tetes for the link.

Glad you like it. I prefer your posts with pictures

Trois Têtes, aged 46 and three quarters
I loved this post ACTUALLY.
Am looking forward to your chapter and really like the links.
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