Wednesday, June 14, 2006

New gadget, sir? 

From time to time I get thinking that a new gadget would improve my life, increase my happiness etc etc. So today I thought that if I had the money, I’d be in the market for a decent handheld. Sony’s UX50 handheld PC might well fit the bill, and it looks really cool. It has a 4.5in LCD touchscreen so you can operate it as a tablet PC or slide up the display to reveal a full qwerty keyboard underneath. On the other hand I better just get back to reviewing this paper for CJE (why me, I wonder?) and worrying about tomorrow’s validation event.

hmm, yes, those new gadget moments.. have just allowed the phone company to bully me into an upgrade and am now mildly excited in spite of myself! Hope the validation went well.
Is that upgrading to a faster connection? Yes, I've done that, too. Validation was successful thanks to a great team - however, we're left with a sticky problem around award titles (one of the side-effects of building in flexibility). I'm confident we'll sort it out, thanks for your comment.
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