Friday, June 09, 2006

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more phlegm
I’m going to be reviewing this book (but I want to make it clear right now that I’m not prepared to accept any bribes at all). I’ve also spent some time catching up on one of my favourite blogs - Infocult - there's some great stuff here. This post on memorial and postmortem photography is weird but really interesting. And then I must say that this journal looks good – but I’ve had no time to check it out yet, though. Mind you, having said that, this is a really good journal, too. I hope this links 'cause I had trouble with Blogger yesterday.

I'm really glad you mentioned reviews as I realised I haven't thought about English in Education reviews for ages and another deadline is approaching I suspect.. thanks Guy!
I have had trouble with Blogger lately too.. v slow, some times when I haven't been able to leave comments, and a double post this week (though that might have been me..)
No problem about the review! And yes, I haven't looked around on the Blogger site but it's certainly been playing tricks for several days.
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