Wednesday, September 06, 2006

New stuff 

Literate stonework
This is a presentation on Windows Live Writer which is a tool that makes blog writing even easier. Is this going to open up blogging to whole new group of users? The whole presentation is so laid back, I nearly fell off my chair – the music too, is soporific. And whilst we’re on music Ruth describes Pandora as an amazing way to find new music you like – must be worth a try, at least! Finally, this book looks interesting. It deals with using a variety of digital media for learning science.

Had a look at the Live Writer show- it looks amazing. Having wrestled long and hard this week with blogger I am ready for some help..
Yes, it looks like a really transparent blogging interface...mind you, I don't have many problems with Blogger. What's been going wrong?
That looks damn good that windows thing. I may use it.
That book looks good too ... but could not get Pandora to work.
Funny, it was working...
HA! I've fixed the Pandora link now...think it was my mistake...duh!
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