Monday, April 21, 2008


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At last week’s NAAE conference I introduced the Glogster’s glogs as an example of a new Web 2.0 development. Now the term glog is rather misleading, because it can actually be used to refer either to a games blog or a geo blog (a sort of mobile video blog). But that aside, I asked whether a Glogster glog was most like a poster, an online shrine, a scrapbook or a new textual form? But also because we were exposed to the three Cs (cultural, critical and creative), not to be out done, I thought I’d have me some Ps, five of them: personalisation, publication, presentation, peer-to-peer and popular - these being characteristics of Web 2.0 apps. I must say I rather like these, and may develop the idea. After all, there’s nothing like a list to get you started!

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mmm...can't resist lists. How about 'performance' (of identities etc.) and 'produsage' (drawing on Bruns' term?)?
Thanks - yes performance, could well go in there - I suppose I thought of presentation as presentation of self (which is pretty close). I find that time 'produsage' rather ugly (what sort of reaction is that?), but the concept is spot-on.

Of course, there are the runners-up, such as 'presence' and 'persistance' and proabably all sorts of others I haven't thought of!
...(or 'pervasive').
my favourite word begins with a p .. provenance. Is that a good one?
Note Jackie got a mention of 'provenance' into her inaugral last night....I quite like the word, but sometimes it associates to readily with Provence which I've always thought of as a pretentious white mc holiday location!
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