Thursday, December 01, 2005

Holiday season, Miami

Christmas lights

Apparently, in order to be 'sensitive to diversity' it isn't Christmas here, and this man isn't putting up Christmas decorations, just holiday season lights. Newspapers here, are making the usual noises about 'political correctness'... OK, so predictable - but this idea of sensitivity to diversity seems to miss the point. What about acknowledging and embracing diversity?

Here, at NRC there's an interesting gatherng of people who are accustomed to hanging around in cybersace together, and now are all meeting (meating?) up in meatspace only to discover we know each other quite well.
So we have celebrity Anya, DrJoolz (a photograph of me on Wednesday - I'm innocent!) and Sarah. Yay! And today it's Brian Steet's turn to entertain us!


John smith said...

holiday lights, christmas lights... I guess some people think its intelligent of them to be different.

Guy Merchant said...

Well I agree - I think it totally misses the point!

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