Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Dispute over?

So our dispute is over. Good! I also think it’s very good that the hidden workers in Higher Education are being recognized for their contribution…but I’m not sure how public perceptions of academics may have been influenced by our action. We’ve lived through a status erosion and our working conditions (group sizes, accommodation and so on) have generally followed a downward trend. I’m pleased students will now get their marks, their degrees and so on, but worry about the future….particularly now Prince Charles is into teacher training!


Aigburthvale said...

Mmmmm, have we lost our way? the unions are different, mine want to sell to me and have sent Joon Whitfield to offer me a funeral plan.
I saw the article about Prince Charles, but mis-read and got all excited because I thought Billy Bragg was presenting it (Melvyn Bragg is a bit different.)

Guy Merchant said...

Ha Ha!! But, a subtle twist in the action thing is that we've yet to vote on the deal....