Thursday, June 22, 2006

Signs, rants and concealed garments

Educating the eye with Flickr is an interesting phenomenon that Dr Joolz has commented on before on her blog. I like the way that tags, themes and sets seem to emerge through the process of collecting and reflecting on the images that are captured in everyday digital photography. So it’s gone this way for me with signs and notices, which have interested me from several points of view – as a form of everyday literacy, as a source of humour and as a way in which we mark the social landscape leaving meanings for others. That’s led me to start up a new set on my photostream called Signs and Notices.

I have on several earlier occasions gone on a rant about the way each new technological product seems to require its own charger and cable (for example my December post here). Now someone’s come up with a sensible solution, called the SynCh. I quote: “The SynCh is compatible with thousands of different personal electronics, including cellphones, music players, wireless headsets, PDAs, cameras, flash drives, USB accessories and more. Replace all of your cables, cords and adapters with just one SynCh Universal Sync Charger.” It draws power from your car cigarette-lighter, wall socket or computer USB. The ideal solution – unfortunately it’s only available in the US at the moment.

And finally, I’m intrigued by the whole concept of deliberately concealed garments after catching part of a discussion on the radio in transit from somewhere to somewhere else. This is an explanation of the tradition of hiding clothing and other objects in the fabric of buildings usually near entrances and exits. Like Easter eggs on CDs there’s something magical about this practice. I’m sure it has parallels on the web, but I’m not quite sure right now what they are.

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