Monday, February 07, 2005

(gender) At the leading edge ... 

Gear Live'€™s augmented reality software is impressive - they blend real and 3-D video images - check the video link at the bottom of this page. But watching this content you can'€™t help thinking about how they let the boys lose in the toy shop. OK, so there's a rose in the first demo, but watch how quickly this turns into a weapon. Then we have cars (plenty of them), a helicopter, tanks... this is a demo, a sales pitch, so maybe the faceless hotel audience is significant - are they into hand-to-hand fighting and military hardware? Or are they just wannabe boyracers? So then, how different is this (see picture), courtesy of William Gibson? Pimp my ride! All I can say is '€˜boys will be boys'€™.

Fabby vid.
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