Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Never blog your fingers... 

They look awful! But I said I woul€™d never blog my finger, and then it suddenly came to me, why not? You can see how the injury (middle finger trapped in supermarket trolley) is beginning to heal now. But somehow that means more than the following factoid: '400 teachers in Queensland don'™t know what a syllable is (never mind the fact that they could be mathematicians). Enough to launch an enquiry. Anyway that'™s from this...but then this suggests that the inquiry is about cash. Interesting how ideology and money are sometimes interchangeable. Anyway I feel for Australian teacher educators if they are to face the same levels of suspicion, the policing of knowledge boundaries and the layers of accountability that inhibit their colleagues in the UK. And then on a more cheerful and totally unrelated note, I'm pleased to be here, too!

Ouch! Cutting edge post on digit-al literacy

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