Monday, February 14, 2005

Love is a mental illness? 

So argues Frank Tallis - but that's just hot air - I think he means love is a state of mind ('love looks not with the eyes, but the mind'). There's plenty of hot air around today. For instance here, on Valentine's cards. However, the changing ways of messaging are making an impact, with an estimated 6.7 million love-themed texts in Australia and 20 million emails. And whilst on the 'crickey' factor, here's Karan Sachdev, the new world champion speed texter, who claims he keeps in training by having loads of girlfriends (or something like that). And then for a dry look at Valentine's Day, there's this. Lots of love until next year!

He must be worn out - just texting them all.
As it happens love is not a mental illness. It is a social construction.
No love is never having to say you're sorry
Should have been a comma in that last comment
OK but if mind is a social construction then where do we place the comma, before or after love?
Eats shoots and leaves
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