Friday, June 15, 2007

One too many places 

Ruth geek
In my on-going explorations of social networking I find myself signing up for so many things that I end up forgetting about some! But I just have to say again that netvibes is still my favourite recent find ā€“ so useful, and so user-friendly. Yesterday a friend recommended voxtropolis and it certainly looks good (Iā€™m attracted to the explicit aim of blending online and offline worlds) ā€“ but how can I really tell? Do I have to join this as well? No, I've decided to cut back on this sort of activity and concentrate on what seems to work for me...for the time being...

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I might do netvibes. will it change my life?
Life-changing, no. But it's a great way of integrating all your stuff on a bespoke homepage/portal - and it's drag 'n' drop design is so user-friendly. ****
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