Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Writing avatars 

I’m doing some more avatar focus groups next week. I’m still really enjoying it – the data is so compelling. Last time the children told me just how boring the SATs are! The trouble for me is that my avatar is learning to be a researcher, too – as he writes in the postscript to my draft paper: ‘These interviews have a strange dynamic. Sometimes it’s like I’m just another adult firing silly questions at kids – and then at other times, there’s a switch – they slip out of my control, turning the tables, asking me the questions. What do I know about Victor Borkovitcz, do I like my avatar, what am I trying to hide, where do I live, anyway? I get used to it. I polish my approach, adjust to the rhythm of the groups, shuffling around, nodding, addressing them by name and signalling a topic change with words and a raised arm. And slowly my avatar is learning to become a researcher, and that could be the start of a whole heap of problems.’

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Blimey this is a bit scarey.
Two explanations present themselves for this post:
You think you are an avatar;
You are being ironic.

I have thought of a third ... You are an avatar.
adding to your list:
my avatar dreams of being me;
I am researching my avatar;
I'm having another identity crisis...
OMG But at least you don't keep moving your bog.
Well actually, funny you should say that, but it used to be the first thing you saw from the top of the stairs (if you left the door open) - so I had it moved.
I’m excited with your avatar focus groups. And i agree that could be the start of a whole heap of problems. custom essay writing

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