Sunday, March 05, 2006

It snowed


Three inches of snow in Wales and then over the weekend it snowed here, too. A Narnia moment in Nether Edge, so I took this on 'night vision', and was interested to note how special it looked! Is this photography as confecting reality, or dignifying the moment? Possibly, but I wouldn't quite adopt the strong position of Baudrillard who says: "Perhaps the desire to take photographs arises from the observations that on the broadest view, from the standpoint of reason, the world is a great disappointment. In its details, however, and caught by surprise, the world has a stunning clarity." (Baudrillard, 1993:155) There's that strong grain of existential angst in the idea that the world is a great disappointment, which is why I prefer to dignify the moment.

[I'm back!]

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Guy Merchant said...

Hi Vera, your blog is great and I'm linking to it - I hope you're OK with that. If anyone's got perseVERAnce, you have!