Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Did you say Hasidic reggae?


1. Identity mash-up
Hasidic reggae from Matisyahu – an orthodox Jew - is a bit of a culture mash-up. The reggae rhythms are sharp, the lyrics have that authentic Old Testament ring favoured by Rastafarians, and American-born Matisyahu has a passable Jamaican accent, but does it all add up? Does it have to? The identity is full-on Orthodox Judaism, but I’m not clear after listening to the track “Jerusalem” how this aligns with Zionism (if at all).

2. Identity and Henry James
Madame Merle says “There’s no such thing as an isolated man or woman: we’re each of us made of a cluster of appurtenances. What shall we call our ‘self’? Where does it begin? Where does it end? It overflows into everything that belongs to us – and then it flows back again. I know a large part of myself is in the clothes I choose to wear. I’ve a great respect for things ! One’s self – for other people – is one’s expression of one’s self; and one’s house, one’s furniture, one’s garments, the book one reads, the company one keeps – these things are all expressive.” (The Portrait of a Lady, p.253) Well, that could almost be Ricouer!

3. YASNS database
I came across this database which provides a useful listing of social software, but was rather disappointed to find out how little useful information it can actually generate. Maybe if you log in and participate you get more out of it....(?)!

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