Sunday, May 14, 2006

New student blogs

Hsinwei's enthusiasm for her blog (vlog) has led her into a project which involves peer-tutoring other students on our international Masters programme. So this has resulted in new blogs from Leanne, Geraldine (who?), Yuan He and Maria - with the wonderfully-titled "A Greek in England". I wish them well and look forward to lots of new posts!


Kate said...

I hope this gets my students blogging...I think they think it is a teribly self indulgent pass tiem!

Joolz said...

Lovely blogs here Guy. I did read one of the blogs from (I think) one of the students on your MA course for a while. It was very interesting - especially the post about the NHS.

Guy Merchant said...

Oh it's so lovely to get comments - you know I've been getting a bit of lonely-blogger-syndrome lately. And that's from the person who said "I'm not bothered about comments"! How things change.

Guy Merchant said...

Thanks Vera, that's really good news! (BTW I like your blogger ID pic)

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