Saturday, May 13, 2006

On shoes

Ruth's shoe

This is one of my favourite photographs because I’m fascinated by the appeal of shoes. Perhaps predictably, Ruth has a wardrobe full of different styles. Whilst I’m not indifferent to the aesthetic of shoes myself, I must confess to being completely boring - not to say typically male - in my preference for functionality over style when it comes to my own footwear. Comfort and fitness for purpose are more important than the look. My Meindl Borneo boots could be classed as anti-style footwear - but they’re all-terrain and oh-so comfortable! It’s not just a simple gender thing though, men’s footwear from brothel-creepers to winkle-pickers and on to various styles and brands of trainers are important identity markers. In today’s big sporting event (the FA Cup), Liverpool’s Djibril Cisse began the match with odd-coloured boots, changing at half-time into a bright yellow pair. Wonderful! By all accounts it was a good game, but the boots and the zig-zag razor-cut hairstyle certainly do add to the spectacle.


Joolz said...

Ruth's shoe is a hgreat shot. She holds footwear in an esteemed position I think.

Joolz said...

I mean great.

Guy Merchant said...

Yep, she sure does it (as a result of the purchase she's now broke!). I think I'll try and mimic the shot.