Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hot and sunny


“Begin with the weather, and then write about something interesting you’ve done.” Mrs Charlton, our infant school teacher, used to say. That’s how we were taught to begin in our half-size school diaries with their dark greeny-blue covers. A picture of the weather. A neat stylized picture, almost spoilt by colourful embellishment with crayon. The date followed by a caption (that was the easy bit). Now working out what was interesting, or worse still trying to figure out what Mrs. Charlton thought was interesting, was a different matter altogether. But still, I liked the slow passage of time in my diary – the “news book” I think it was called. The gradual accumulation of words, each pressed on to the page with my own hand. I enjoyed writing myself into existence. That like this, a slow building up of things. So in some ways this is very similar, and of course in other ways very different. I peer across the room. Kate’s started doing story. Jennifer’s testing out the ratio of comments to posts. And Dr Joolz has got real news…and here I am, writing about the weather.

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