Thursday, February 07, 2008

Learning (again)

Green man

To date, discussion of the opportunities, and indeed the risks (see Dr Joolz, here) presented by Web 2.0 development has been largely confined to the exploration of social and recreational worlds. I'm keen to open up discussion about the relevance of Web 2.0 to educational practice. How might the kinds of communicating and collaboration promoted by Web 2.0 applications combine with new insights into learning in ways that transform how we conceive of education? Do we need new models and new pedagogies?


Aigburthvale said...

Greenman-This looks like Wentworth? if you havn't been go there it's nice. The snowdrops are out in Bolsterstone today. GF

Guy Merchant said...

Yes, he's in Wentworth. Fantastic - and he must be really old.

Never mind the snowdrops, get on with your work!

Aigburthvale said...

ooooh 'eck! exposed as a skiver! won't mention the view from the castle inn then. GF