Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Reclaiming history

Historic quarter
It’s often said that anything goes in net culture - that it is essentially apolitical etc etc. So it was good to come across Flickr activity that shows that that’s not exactly the case. Some of my images of buildings in Bucharest have attracted attention, and as a result I’ve sent some pictures and then joined the Architectural Monuments of Romania group. The administrator mailed me today saying: Thank you for applying to the group and I’m looking forward to your contribution: as a word of caution - anything to do with Ceausescu's brutalist architecture (especially and in particular the so-called "Palace of the People" and former "Avenue for the Victory of Socialism" are all outside the remit of this group. Well OK, I feel a little guilty, I have some of those – but I’ll keep them hidden from the group!

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