Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Chic shutters

Behind these suburban shutters a reader lurks. A reader of blogs; a self-styled blurker. But who? Whilst bloggers fret because they’re feeling numb (Clare’s blog hole) or that they’re doing nothing out of the ordinary (Anya), blog depression hovers threateningly above us all. The reader reads all. Guess who? Click.

Pushing on, I fall in love with Mimobots (figurine flashdrives) and Streetsy the street art photoblog – both from Josh Rubin (this week’s top blog). Meanwhile, the comment frenzy abates. Do I do pets again, I wonder?

[Which reminds me: I forgot some wonderful stuff. Meet Lucy, the sealpoint Ragdoll kitty and knitting supervisor, knitted kitty baskets and the whole new world which is Wendy Knits]

1 comment:

Clare said...

You can't do that to Jackie!