Monday, September 19, 2005

Shutter speed

Mmmm, shutter-spray speed seems a bit slow. The next day and it’s n-e-a-r-l-y finished... and you can see what’s taking place in the photo. I sauntered past again, and then, in a momentary lapse, bought a copy of the TES. Mistake , you might think, but no. I learnt that there’s now the TES online – with expanded content so that over the counter sales don’t suffer. And on this rather crowded page you might also discover they have a media blog. Oh good.

But tucked away (amongst the zillions of job adverts) there’s an excellent article by Dan Buckley on the educational value of blogging and wikis. And, what’s more, it’s on his blog. GO THERE AND LEAVE A COMMENT! He’s got lots of interesting links on the page as well. I felt….well I almost felt… optimistic about the future for children’s digital writing in school. Shutters up on the educational use of social software!


Mary Plain said...

Should we be asking Dan Buckley to a seminar?
Love the squirrel..

Guy Merchant said...

Maybe we should. All his blog profile says is that he is a consultant, and presumably a dabbler in journalism. But if he's 'on our side', he could be good to have along. (That's Dan Buckley, not the squirrel or the guy with the spray can!).

Mary Plain said...

though maybe the squirrel and the guy (sorry, no pun intended) with the paint could be good too?!