Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Social networking (in fur)


These are wearables for dogs, to help you keep tabs on your dog, developers describe it as "mood rings meets instant messaging, but for your dog." The technology will also give dog owners a chance to "petwork" or network through their pets (in other words it's ideal for Edward).

Wearbles for pet owners (or cyborgs) are on show at the MIThril site. And the picture above shows the Olympus Eye-Trek - a high resolution color head-mounted display, on show here. It can easily be worn over regular prescription eyeglasses and can be used in be used in ordinary life. What a relief!


Joolz said...

He is gorrrgeous.

Guy Merchant said...

Mmm well that's Professor Steve Mann. A friend of his posted a comment on my Flickr. How does one respond?

Worried of South Yorkshire.