Thursday, September 08, 2005

Pets and phones (again!)


It all started as a joke - but now it seems that everywhere I look I find things about pets and mobile phones. The picture is from PetsMobility who have a new mobile phone for animals called the PetsCell. You attach it to one of their paws and it automatically answers when you call them up (because obviously the idea of a dogs being able to answer phones themselves is crazy). They do offer an optional GPS just in case you want to keep track of your pet. Read all about it here.

Over on there’s a link to the Odd things from Japan blog (mmmm bookmark!) where they have this wonderful Pet Phone remote food dispenser! You can feed and talk to your pet while you’re on the move, maintaining that feeling of proximity whilst doing something else. Proof that mobile technology changes relationships….. with pets.


Mary Plain said...

where do you find this stuff?! I guess there isn't a cat one as cats would be too aloof to use one?

Clare said...

Hi Guy
This is just fantastic... but I do want to phone and talk to Minnie and Sylvester as well as dispense their food. I have been known to phone and leave a message that will play for them. They are my babies and I love them.

Joolz said...

The pet phone os making me feel ill.

Guy Merchant said...

With the pet feeder you can, of course, talk through the speaker and your pet(s) can reply through the inbuilt microphone. (But of course that will only work if the pet is expecting your call). I don't think there's a message facility, which is, I admit, rather a drawback. I don't see any reason why the pet feeder couldn't work for all sorts of different animals - why be specist about this? However, the more sophisticated pet phone is, I agree far too infradig for those of the feline persuasion.