Monday, September 12, 2005

Graffiti hyperlink

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I like this hyperlinked graffiti I found round the corner in the adventure playground. The Rocket01 site is here, and if you go on to here, index 8 (word-up) gives you the perspective of a graffiti artist. Unrelated, but equally attractive is the work of Mikael Kindborg (Linköping University) whose research in the area of comics has led to the design of a comic strip programming tool called ComiKit. He has photos here.

I picked up this paper on Jill Walker’s blog. David Huffaker and Sandra Calvert write about gender, identity and language use in teenage blogs. They suggest that interaction online provides a new context for identity exploration. Nothing contentious about that…but I like the way they suggest that: " Weblogs represent a CMC environment where both identity and language play important roles. Not only are teenagers using weblogs to present an online identity, but also to express their ideas, experiences, and feelings using an adapted language. In some cases, these blogs interlink to form online communities, similar to the peer relationships observed in the offline world. "

[and this getting very weird...another pet thing!]


Clare said...

Guy, I love your paper in Discourse, and the identity spectrum idea from anchored to transient identities. Thanks for the link to Jill Walker's blog too - although I find the scientific research approach taken by David Huffaker and Sandra Calvert fairly scarey. I have never been very good at counting myself.

Guy Merchant said...

Thanks! Yes, Huffaker and Calvert are in a different paradigm altogether. I'm not into number crunching either, but I try to read taht kind of work if it's helpful.