Sunday, September 18, 2005

Shutter spray

Shutter spray
Jonathan Franzen writes so well, it’s disappointing to find he’s such a reactionary. In his essay ‘The Reader in Exile’ (How to be Alone), he concludes “I mourn the eclipse of the cultural authority that literature once possessed, and I rue the onset of an age so anxious that the pleasure of a text becomes difficult to sustain.” He needs the acerbic Roy Harris to put him in his place. We must, the latter argues, be “free from any tendency to flatter our literate self-esteem by tacitly equating the readers and writers of this world with its civilized population.”

As for me, I’m going to stick with shutter images, for now. Above you can see the first stages of shutter-art, a new sub-category of shop-fronts. And on the right margin of my blog you’ll notice a new feature – blog of the week. This week it features Josh Rubin’s Cool Hunting (always good on trainers…sneakers) and other stuff, too. I thought I’d also announce the criteria. The criteria are that there are no criteria. It’s just what I liked looking at during the week. This for a start.


Joolz said...

You are a cool hunter.

Guy Merchant said...

Is that better than being a flaneur, then?