Thursday, September 29, 2005

I am the new me

barbie pierced
George said to me, "I am the new me." Well, just how do you respond to that? You see George is an AI "character" who has learned conversational skills from interactions with visitors to the Jabberwacky website, and through chats with his ‘maker’ Rollo Carpenter. You can communicate with George via speech or writing – I suppose he is still honing his skills. Rollo Carpenter, on the other hand, is the winner of the Loebner prize, a competition for producing human-like applications like chatbots.

From my conversations with him (that’s George, not Rollo), I’d say he has a good vocabulary and a rather annoying tendency to change the subject. The latter seems to stem from a limited memory for conversational turns (he all but admitted this to me) – a short attention span, or else he’s easily distracted…..a bit like me then.

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