Saturday, October 01, 2005

Photo messaging?

cam phone
It’s a nice cam phone, but perhaps a bit on the bulky side. It could, of course, be integrated into the breathalyser phone service mentioned on top blog, Here we’re told that in Finland they've just launched a service, called Promile SMS, as part of a nationwide campaign to prevent drink driving. It works like this: the user texts personal information and drinking habits, the service replies with a message with a blood alcohol level estimate and time needed for the alcohol to be broken down by the body. I suppose it all hangs on how much you remember, or if you know where your phone is....and then there's mobile phone charms (are they taking the piss?) – a whole new area of interest.

On a different tack, I am very pleased to be in good company here with some material designed for colleagues new to teacher education (there’s a book to follow). Glad to see that this material is now live. OK, so it doesn't really exploit the full potential of web-based material, but I expect it came in on budget.

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