Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Old or new?

birthday car

So here I am reading the inscription on one of my birthday cards. Yes, born 12:10:53, that’s fifty two years ago today! Maybe not quite an old man: but certainly not a new man. The only cake was electronic (this one from oddjapan), but I don’t care. This, then, will be a lightweight posting. An appreciation of William Orbit’s work with Madonna, and a visit to Orbit’s website, where you can interact with the visuals or check his video library (I recommend ‘Time to Get Wize’)…and a reminder to visit top blog regularly!


Mary Plain said...

Happy birthday for yesterday, Guy. We raised a metaphorical glass to you when Rebekah, Julia and I were having our first 3-way MSN conversation and simultaneously checking out our favourite blogs. Hope it was a good day.

Guy Merchant said...

many thanks - was that 'friends electric'?