Thursday, October 27, 2005

J’ai un talent

wind-up clock

The mashed-up voice of Banksy in interview was the centrepiece of BBC2’s Culture Show this evening. It does seem that the enigma of ‘who is Banksy’ becomes more problematic as he becomes more mainstream. Nevertheless, I admire what he’s done for the urban artform.

Talent of a different kind is on display on this video from French TV: the Human beatbox. We’ve heard this sort of thing before, but this is an amazing performance, how does he do it?

On display today, the broken wind-up clock locked at 12 o’clock, reminding me of that bizarre routine of turning back the clocks for winter this weekend (or is it turning them forwards?). Whichever, it’s always totally confusing.

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Joolz said...

I wondered whether it would be 'in the spirit' to scribble ratty things on Banksy's new book when it comes out next week.