Wednesday, October 26, 2005

More stuff


I suppose collecting is something we all have in common. Squirrels are collectors - notorious foragers and hoarders, but when I read the reports here and here of squirrels on crack, frankly I was surprised. Surprised - until I learnt that it’s another urban legend. Anyway I like the way the RSPCA spokesman said "he was unaware of the squirrels taking crack in Brixton.” The RSPCA seems reasonably well-informed

So we collect things for shelves, wall displays, mantelpieces etc. We collect ideas: "Collecting is a primal phenomenon of study: the student collects knowledge.” (Walter Benjamin, The Arcades Project); and we collect novelties such as this tea serving robot. Today’s collection ends with this report on the Scandinavian mobile-phone throwing competition. Anytime, anywhere, but where exactly?


Mary Plain said...

I want this tea serving robot!

Guy Merchant said...

Brilliant, isn't it!

Joolz said...

squirrels are everywhere. Had one on my roof the other week and had to call the RSPCA.