Monday, October 24, 2005

Old technology


Looking back at cassette tapes, once the ubiquitous format for analogue audio storage, we can see it’s just a case of the same thing looking different. This photoblog is interesting in that sort of way. Mass production moved on from the Henry Ford standard of “any colour so long as it’s black” to something just a little more diverse. And that diversity is at the heart of consumerism. So, Color-ware Inc pride themselves on being able to alter “the color of existing products. The idea behind Color-Ware started with transforming the ubiquitous beige computer into a custom-colored work of art.” Well, that’s just what I always wanted! My Nano-pic is a design from the palette (have a play here). Is that choice?

Not for me. Choice is something to do with functionality. So a good MP3 can shuffle through your whole library – I like that. The best you could do on cassette was create your own (unilinear) mix. For me a 20Gb iPod beats the Nano because there’s more on there to shuffle through – more choice - unless, of course, you want colour (the same thing looking different)!

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I thought this was a lovely post.