Sunday, October 23, 2005

New online


After serving her time as blurker and blog commenter, Kate now has her own blog and so, in celebration drkates artyfacts is top blog. I really liked the agenda setting statement in her first posting:

"Commenters may be interested to know the themes in advance, so they can adjust their comments accordingly.
For now the themes are:
lost tickets
lost items"

I liked it because I’ve been reflecting on regulation, self-regulation and ethics in blogging. So, Kate’s provisional agenda reminded me of this, and what Torill does not write about on her blog. And then, from another point of view Danah Boyd writes about other people wanting to control what she blogs. "I want the right to control my voice" , she says, and that’s a theme that’s emerged for me through this last week.


Anya said...

That's funny, I read both Torill and Danah's posts the same day and noticed similar themes too. And yippeee, isn't it wonderful that Kate is blogging, now she can be a 100% insider too! *applauds*

Guy Merchant said...

Strange to be wandering around in the same territory, leaving footprints in cyberspace. Off to see Kate now, must dash!