Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Down under

I really liked Anya’s photo of Jackie down under, so I thought I’d blog it too - especially since it works well to shrink our world. What I’ve got’s a bit grainy, but shows real presidential style - good light from outside and it looks nice and warm. There’s something quite classic about that bookish pose. You might say “Jackie reading”, but of course, it’s really “Jackie with book” as she looks out of the picture in the direction of the viewer. Something about the book itself suggests she has just been flicking through – but then the distance from the eyes is just about right for reading. Funny really, because I’m a close neighbour, but the nearest I get to Jackie reading is the shutters behind which she reads.

Over on the other side I learn from Sarah’s blog about Eggplant at Teachers College (Columbia University). They are the educational gaming group: play, learning, avatars, narrative and technology – genius acronym- here’s their blog. I also keep an eye on cultureraven, but there’s been nothing new for a while - disappointing, that.


Anonymous said...

*laughing* OK, you caught me out... the entire thing was totally posed!! And I had my focus on the sign behind her but ended up cropping that out.

Guy Merchant said...

whatever...it's a great photo!

Anonymous said...

stumbled on this whilst browsing for the wolseley road mosque, and suddenly there's Jackie! Have not seen her for years and years - vendino pact days. Say a big hello from Marcus! Still in steel city and steel surviving.

More mosque pictures at

best wishes -whoever you are!