Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Blog fuel


I was just reading Torill Mortensen on the "what is blogged/ what is not blogged theme" (one that has also run over on Blogtrax). And then I decided to check Tales from the Bearpit and discovered the 32/5 meme (23rd post, 5th sentence). Mary Plain shows that over on California Eating. But strangely enough the same posting on California Eating does a Torillesque posting on what is blogged. I quote:

1) Info that's useful/interesting to anyone (restaurant and travel tips, and, if I was stupid, work gossip/bitching)
2) Stuff that's interesting to family and friends (daily events, observations, musings, and Clio news)
3) Stuff that may only be interesting to me (long musings about How I Feel and, uh, Clio news)

Anyway my 23/5 reads “Then again, maybe that clunky keyboard is just a throw-back to the times of typing”. Mmm the clunky magic keyboard that takes me on a strange journey from red toenails to red coats (isn’t it interesting what people choose to leave comments on?).


Mary Plain said...

these meme things are great. I stil don't really understand exactly what a meme is, mind you, and I don' tknow how to tag people either! Have you seen Dr Joolz's new one?

Guy Merchant said...

Mmm how about "a contagious idea that replicates like a virus, passed on from mind to mind". Plenty of those around!