Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Posh shutters

In the Pink
This is the gentrified look, in which shop-front shutters become an extension of shop décor. Everything about In the Pink is very - how should I say – pink. Anyway, for expanded content on shutters, look no further than here. As for Josh Rubin (this week’s Top Blog) - well he has this ‘needle art’, and this report on the toilet tricycle race (well worth a visit!).

And, rather disappointingly, I seem to be the only person engaging with Dan Buckley’s debate on the educational value of blogs. Is there anybody out there? Come on, I think the poor guy needs some encouragement. OK so it’s a minority sport at the moment, but the potential is huge.


Clare said...

Guy - I am out here. How spooky! Were we both thinking along those Pink Floyd lines at the same time? I hadn't seen this post when I wrote my blog hole message! And I don't even like Pink Floyd!

Guy Merchant said...

....me neither, and even less so now I learn from their website that one of the founding members of Pink Floyd has written a book about the band called 'Inside Out' - which is the title of the paper on blogging that Julia and I will give at NRC. So some co-incidences are OK...others not so good!