Saturday, January 22, 2005

The web makes me not alone?
OK, so let's start with the remix: here (click on the pic), and then the original/published (?) here, by Justin Hall. So does this have the feeling of the real, the hyper-real or reality TV? I'm not sure any more. Here's Jill Walker talking about it. Is she for real? This is what Jill's reading and we assume that Jill has feelings, too. Actually, I thought I was watching theatre but if, as Justin says, after publishing his life online for so long, people 'don't trust me any more', what then? Well don't trust me, this is just a remix of stories. I walk backwards covering the footprints I left.


Joolz said...

Well, I found this totally mindfucking. Sorry to swear. But after listening to that I looked at the comments on the site and I have never seen porn before. But now I have and am truly in shock. Truly.

Joolz said...

Thank goodness.
I think Justin took off those horrible pix.

Guy Merchant said...

mmmm I was perplexed by your 1st comment...I thought you were over-reacting to the rather frank emotional disclosure, using the word pornography poetically. Now seeing your second comment and reading Blogtrax, it seems rather different....but funny cos all I ever saw was Justin.