Monday, May 15, 2006

Blogs blossom

apple blossom
...and here's another blog. This is for the Critical Literacies project, supported by ALEA and UKLA (I must say I rather like the minimal look of the design!). The project is investigating the dynamic pedagogical interactions and curriculum designs underpinning critical literacy in selected school classrooms in Australia, Britain, South Africa and the United States of America. The central research question is: "What do teachers working in different social, political and cultural contexts understand by critical literacy and how do they design and enact their curriculum and pedagogies in actual classroom situations?" Case study and collaborative practitioner inquiry methods will provide detailed close-up accounts of critical literacy as it is constructed in elementary and secondary schools in different nations. The project particularly focuses on critical literacy practices in communities in poverty, as these children are over-represented in the groups who are failed by standard approaches to school literacy. Promise to keep you posted!!


Digigran said...

Hi Guy
A propos of dynamic pedagogical interactions and student bloggers - do you know of any kid bloggers working at home as well as in school? I have a student who would like to access some to show her son as part of an assignment she has been asked to do in the other place. Any suggestions very welcome

Guy Merchant said...

Hi digigran...I suppose there must be kid bloggers out there...but where? Any suggestions dear readers?