Saturday, May 26, 2007

Social capital

Canada 2007 006
The CSSE conference kicked off today. I really enjoyed hearing Jim Anderson on First Nation family literacy and Ji Eun Kim on Korean word games. Although oddly placed, the papers worked well alongside Marianne McTavish who was looking at the discontinuity of information literacy practices between home and school. The question of how out-of-school practices relate to formal education was also raised by Kathy Sanford’s work on video-games, which in return reminded me of ‘Why computer games are no match for the great outdoors’ (what a pointless comparison) reported in the Daily Mail, here. I wondered what videogames a 44 year-old mother would remember anyway! Trying to follow up on David Lewis’s work for the Mind Lab didn’t reveal much – but, in passing, I noted that the other Mind Lab is doing interesting work.

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Curtis said...

You have made some very interesting observations. I have to commend you for that and also by having time to share with us. Keep it up!
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