Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dr Sheng

Jing Sheng's fascinating study of the literacy practices of Chinese migrants in the North of England adds to our understanding of how identity and literacy intersect in glocalised contexts. These telling stories show, for me, how identity is performed as well as called into being. Her research participants show and tell us how they use an array of cultural artefacts in multiple social networks to provide an account of themselves. To say much more would be to steal Jing's thunder, as I'm sure she is already making plans to publish. Jing is now working at Capital Normal University in Beijing. I hope her employers recognise her strengths. Can this, I wonder be read in China?


Jing said...

Hi Guy - Thanks a lot for blogging me. :) Thanks for being my external examiner too.I always love your ideas about anchored and transient identities; and will use them to improve my work in the future. If I get anything published, it can be accessed in our campus in English... But I always want to translate more new literacy studies into Chinese, so that more Chinese academics can use our theories :) Please do keep in touch. Best wishes! - Jing

Guy Merchant said...

Ha! Ha! The New Literacy Studies bid for world domination!!!