Thursday, October 15, 2009

Doctoring the doorplate

I seem to remember having to wait about four months for my Dr nameplate to arrive. It took about the same length of time to get the Prof one - not, you must understand that I'm particularly bothered about such titles, but when they're all you get for your labour I suppose they have some sort of significance. Anyway I moved office so now it looks like another four month wait until I get a name, let alone a title. As you can see above there's a particular kind of literacy practice involved - sticking plastic letters on to an aluminium strip. In the picture I'm reversing the process. Erasing some of the letters.

This subversive literacy practice has now left me with this sign. Now I'm guessing that corporate signage actually becomes so invisible that it will be hardly noticed - except that is by colleagues who are covert readers of my blog. All the same I'm not anticipating a queue of mixed reality tourists outside the office tomorrow or any other day!


Julia Gillen said...

I think your sign is most delightful, Guy. I bet you'll get people coming by with apples, looking for snakes, paradise, all kinds of things!

Guy Merchant said...

Well let's hope so, but if you could see the four old blokes that live inside I wouldn't hold out much hope. Maybe I'll create a more exciting space with the same in SL.