Saturday, April 08, 2006

City to city

animal rights

Finally arrived in San Francisco after one of those journeys. I missed my connection at Chicago (so what's new?) and was put on standby for the 5.00pm flight. That one was pretty full and mine was the last name to be called. I was tired and I was clutching my boarding pass like a prize-winner as I walked on the plane! "We're full - there's no seats." explain the crew. Cheated at the last moment! Another long wait, but I finally got here 'round midnight. So, it was great to meet up with Jackie and Julie for breakfast next morning and later on Jennifer and Kate...and an added bonus, Sarah had the seat in front at Allan Luke's session. Good meal at LuLu's with the Travel Notes crew and I'm ready for action today! (Forgot my USB cable so no pics to upload until Kate lends me hers later on....and now I must read her posts like I promised.)

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Joolz said...

you are wonderful as despite the hassle you ae all chirpy and sweet.
Have a lovely time.