Friday, April 28, 2006

Three things

light canal

Two small things I learnt, that probably everyone else knows, and one other thing I’m exploring. First, after nearly 6 months of a portal project, I learn what a portal really is (a webpage that reconfigures or personalizes as it gets information on you). Probably the rest of the world knew this already, but I didn’t. The second is worse. The Google served up to me by Firefox has a “pages from the UK” button to narrow my search. Now that’s not something I’d want to do usually, but what is interesting is that I’ve never noticed it! I’m a regular visitor, but even so there’s a bit of that page I never read. That tells me something (I already knew) about reading, but also about users and functionality. And then the last thing: since I’ve been setting up a new blog and am a great fan of Blogger, I’ve been thinking a lot about categories. There’s some effort going into getting categories on Blogger, but it’s either too complicated for what it’s worth or currently unavailable. That’s why Blogtrax went over to Wordpress in the first place and why DrJoolz shifted there, too. In the end it seemed that categories weren’t that crucial to the new blog…but come on Blogger, get it together, give us categories!

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