Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday thoughts


On Wednesday I listened to the Martin Amis interview in which he held forth on political extremism and terrorism. Eloquent as ever, I thought his picture of what he calls ‘Islamism’ was a distortion - the sort of stereotyped view that can easily polarize opinion. Although I’ve yet to read House of Meetings, Amis’s analysis in the interview seemed crude in comparison to James Meek’s account in ‘The People’s Act of Love’ which I’ve just finished reading (for comparison there’s an interview with James Meek in threemonkeysonline).

And today, I was in the company of a fellow blogger, which caused me to reflect how commonplace blogs have become, yet how it still seems quite a novelty to actually meet one - a blogger I mean, not a blog. Anyway here’s The Rookery (I just love that sense of humour!).

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