Thursday, June 28, 2007


Originally uploaded by outallnight.
Today I was locked bumper-to-bumper in traffic trying to move North out of Sheffield. After an hour in the car I only managed to reach the outskirts – so I turned back! This is all the result of the now famous floods! I was on my way to Barnsley to work with the virtual world teachers. One of the latest quirky developments is using green screen digital storytelling to place actual children in role in the virtual world. Mind-boggling! There’s more on digital story-telling on these pages. And, finally, thanks to outallnight for the photograph of extreme weather in Sheffield - there's lots more on his photostream.


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I am sure that digital-storytelling was invented by a genius. I am sure that using this technique you can get almost any child interested in a story you are presenting to them. If middle schools and even high schools would adopt this in the literature classes, even those 16 year olds would go crazy if they appeared in those fiction books that teachers try to get them to read. Sorry that you were stuck in such crazy traffic, I know how it goes. said...

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